Most significant experience in 2yrs

January 15th, 2012

Hi There,

I’ll set the preceeding events because i believe they contributed significantly to me having this experience..

On Friday afternoon i was fairly tired at work and my Children and Mrs were out at the kids Nana’s house.. I got home about 6pm, showered and thought i might again use this as a chance to project.

I lied down to ready for projection and started with muscle relaxation. Once i found my body relaxed i thought to meditate for a bit but it wasn’t long before i was asleep.

An alarm i had set woke me at 8:05pm but the kids and mrs weren’t home (not unusual on Nana visits and I wasn’t concerned at all).. i thought i’d skip dinner and go back to bed..

The Mrs work me up a bit after 11pm on coming home.. we stayed up together for about 1 hr after which i couldn’t go back to sleep cause i’d nearly had 5hrs sleep already.. I watched some of a tv series i had on the computer and went to bed about 1:30am knowing that sleeping 5hrs and having been awake for 2.5 hrs would give me a good chance to project in the morning..

I had quite some trouble relaxing and being able to go back to sleep. At one stage I nearly got back out of bed again until i was more sleepy though while still in bed i felt a shift of relaxation in my energy and stayed in bed..

Experience starts

I become consciously aware but all i can see is blackness.. I remember that i may be in a projection experience but am having difficulties with my astral vision.. I work on this by attempting to open my astral eyes to see.. Difficulties persist.. I have the feeling that i am in a dream within a dream..

Although I can’t see, i can feel walls and objects and as i feel my way around in the dark i notice some light appearing.. I continue into the light and it opened up in a scene…

Here i have a scene where i’m at my parents farm in the daytime.. That scene goes for a while and then i’m feeling the darkness decending again.. again i feel my way out of the darkness to another scene or work on my astral eyesight by attempting to open my eyelids.. This was the most significant astral type experience i’ve had in more than 2yrs.. Through this experience i was in a scene.. left the scene.. felt myself return to my body or close to my body at times and worked my way into another scene again about 5-7 times.. In one of the later ones i went to my Dad and he was laying on a bed quite unwell. He has heart problems and i was asking him if he was going to die soon.. While with him i was very aware of what was happening and thought about shifting to Late Dec 2012 or January 2013 as that is a goal i remind myself of should i get to have enough awareness of the astral process.. Though i stop this idea as i believe it is more important to stay with my father and go along with what is currently happening… It didn’t feel like he was going to die real soon but it did feel like he is currently suffering in his body..

At one time i feel into the astral landscape around me (current house scene) and wonder about my physical body and where it is located.. I feel the whole scene shift and becomes more closely aligned with Real Time Physical Reality.. I wonder if i am now closer to the RTZ?

In another later scene i find myself at a kids park in a nighttime scene.. it’s a fairly happy scene.. It is here i still have vivid memories of all the experiences and places i have visited thus far and begin to feel like prolonging this astral experience of going in and out of scenes is likely to come to an end..

I remember Robert Bruce’s advice to keep experiences short in order to improve recall.. I shorten this scene and it comes to an end..

End of Experience

Unfortunately instead of getting up to write down the experiences in full detail i decide i feel too tired and go back to sleep.

If i had of gotten up and wrote it down i’m sure i would have had a more vivid recall of the experience. As it stands though i still had a fair memory of the experience but in less detail and can still (in waking life) feel the memory of what it was like finding my way in the darkness and returning to or close to my physical body and re-projecting..

I’d like to ensure in the future i would get up and record these experiences upon waking instead of returning to sleep to improve recall..



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Return to Lucidity

January 14th, 2012

I’m not sure why but i hadn’t even had a lucid dream in months, and i’m also not sure if it’s the new growth i’m going through or was the start of the new year approaching but for the past 3-4 weeks at least I’ve been really feeling to get back into more lucid dreaming and astral travel practice..

I’ve increased my meditation practice and returned to keeping a journal of anything dreamlike i can remember..

I think the combination of this and my desire led me to have my first lucid dream in months.

Sunday 8/1/12 -

  • i woke at 7:00am
  • Meditated until 7:32am and straight back to bed with the intention of projecting. Got some good hypnogogic imagery and scenes appearing but nothing i was able to enter into
  • After 20min i give up and roll over to rest, not sure if i’ll just rest and get up soon after, or will go back to sleep.

Dream begins

I find myself at my work. A few things are quite off.. without too much detail i kind of let the “offness” go for a bit but eventually i realise i’m dreaming. I wonder to myself where i physically am. Because from memory i had given up on projection/lucid dreaming and had gotten up out of bed.. But i was dreaming.. Was i asleep at my work? How is this working for me to be in this dream? Where am i physically?

Almost like a reflex as soon as i confirm to myself that I AM dreaming I float into the air and am able to fly.

I look for something more interesting to do than be at work.

I leave the immediate area and go out the back.. I watch a scenario there for about 10sec but decide to move further along.

It is a nighttime scene. I look in the distance and across some water there is a Casino and some big bright flashing lights. Kind of seems interesting but don’t fancy i’ll find much with real depth over there. Instead i see a boat chugging down the river to the left and decide to fly and land on it. My first flying attempt fails and i fall back to the warf/ground after 10metres or so, but i know if i aim for the boat and try again i will make it.

I fly and almost overshoot my mark but as i get close to landing on the boat it adjusts (slows & speeds) for me so that i can land on it. I land! As coming close to landing i notice the boat was now circular in shape and reminds me of a small UFO floating on the water. As i landed i notice most of the crew were small toys. Toy people with varying appearances about 15cm tall. Sitting near one of the walls of the ship was my 5yr old son. He seemed quite inward and a bit saddened, he did talk to me but the scene began to break down and i woke up in bed on my side..

End of Dream

The time was 8:52am

I had probably been asleep 1hr and the dream felt to go for about 2-3min after being lucid and about 3-5min before being lucid.

Since having this dream i wondered about the part with my son and wondered if he needs some more help from me with his emotional direction… I think this could be true..


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3D Blackness During Thomas Campbell Audio Meditation Technique

June 7th, 2011

I have been reading the My Big TOE trilogy lately and trying to meditate more consistently. Last night I read a very long chapter and then did a 20 minute mantra type meditation that produced so interesting results.

There is a reason they (the various meditation experts I have listened to over the past few years) say don’t lay down while meditating. I tend to fall asleep if I attempt to meditate while laying down.

I was in a seated position in bed listening to Naturespace – Back Home and focusing on the meaningless mantra “a lum bar de dum, a lum baa de dum”.

I did this for about 15 minutes and then noticed that the mantra moved into the background and seems to continue without any effort on my part. Meaning I no longer was actively running the mantra through my mind, it was just happening on it’s own. It faded out and became softer and softer and I no longer needed it to keep my thoughts out. Things got very quite and awareness faded.

A few moments later (this was my perception) I was aware again but things were different. I was floating in 3D blackness in complete calmness. I thought about my laptop being in front of me and it started coming into my view. It was odd though because it was my laptop outlined in the blackness and had no color. I was like wow for a second and then when thoughts started running in my mind again the experience ended.

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Altered State of Consciousness After Listening to Inner Node Studio Binaural Beat (Out of Body)

May 12th, 2011

It’s been several months since having something within the context of altered states of consciousness to write about. It’s the same old excuse (which isn’t really an excuse) of working too many hours, depriving myself of proper focus. For the last two nights I have started listening using the iPhone application Inner Node Studio Binaural Beat (Out of Body). Whether or not this application helped induce an altered state is purely anecdotal.

I read a few chapters of My Big TOE last night and then around 11 PM I started listening to the iPhone track and fell asleep. At around 4 AM Julia came over to our room after having a nightmare. I brought her back to her room, stayed with her until she fell back to sleep and then went back to bed while listening to the iPhone track again.

As I listened and after what I perceived as five minutes passing I felt a shift in consciousness.  I didn’t fight it and just observed and suddenly I felt a twisting motion and my body felt as though it was twisting down into a funnel. Very quickly I felt as though my consciousness had collapsed in on itself and then into a point o awareness (best I can describe it, sorry). When I became pure consciousness I set my intent on exploring the RTZ (real time zone)

I then found myself standing in the hallway on the second floor of our old address here in Austin. I walked down the stairs and noticed that the furniture was different but it was had to see, as it was dark in the house. I then thought about being out front in the street and I was instantly there. I noticed that if I looked into darkness or shadows, my awareness would fade so I would quickly turn my attention back to lighted areas. This didn’t last long and I was pulled towards our current house.

A few moments later I woke up in my bed, got up and walked out into the hallway. After a couple of minutes I noticed that something wasn’t right. The house looked strangely different. My consciousness shifted and I found myself standing in a room that I had not seen before. I felt like I was still in our house, but the window I was looking out of is not an actual window in my house, and I saw Julia get on a school bus outside. I must have been losing touch with my waking awareness because at this point I stopped questioning the anomalies  that I was witnessing. I think that my subconscious had rushed in and it ended the experience.

The fascinating part of this experience was the solidness and realness of the experience. There was absolutely nothing about the experience in terms of things that might seem to defy the laws of physics that would cause me to question things based on this observation alone.  The fact that I showed up at the old place and walked through a wall certainly did.

I was really nice to “get out” of local awareness after several months of nothing. My goal is to a) be able to consistently reproduce these experiences and the b) use them to produce measurable results on waking objective reality. I have been able to do this at least once already but I can’t consistently get into these states. I’m in no hurry though :) .

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