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My Recent Past Actualized Database Experience

August 31st, 2010

A few days ago I found a new app for my iPhone called Naturespace Holographic Audio. It caught my attention when I was searching for ambiance applications. The creators make the following claim:

Like dreaming while awake, our recordings create the illusion of being transported to another place. Not just the sounds of nature, but the spaces of forests, canyons, rivers and open fields induce a “being there” experience. Created with recording techniques designed specifically for headphone listening, they reach deep into your subconscious and the dreaming begins.

Sounded good to me so I bought it! The product does indeed live up to their claim. I turned on one of the tracks that came with that application and it was like literally being in a remote location. They have somehow recorded the audio tracks so that the sounds are in 3D. Don’t ask me how because I don’t know, but it’s a unique experience to say the least.

There is one track in particular that I like and it’s called “Night at Lake Unknown”. When I listen to it, I feel like I am by a rushing mountain river out in the Smokies where I grew up.

Two nights ago I was listening to the track mentioned above as I fell asleep and as I did I noticed that the darkness behind my eyes began to fade into light and within about 15 minutes I found myself totally disconnected from my current awareness and back in my childhood awareness. This experience was not dreamlike. I literally was in my body as it was in the late 70s early 80s.  I was back in time on a camping trip with my dad in Telico Plains, TN up in the mountains.

It was morning and I was in the process of waking up. I noticed the sound of the river beside our tent and the smell of the campfire burning from the night before. There was a feeling of youthful excitement within me as I laid in my sleeping bag and realized that I was camping and that I was surrounded by a completely new environment. This wasn’t like the bed at home that I was used to. I felt connected to the forest around me and to the creatures in the river and trees that I had experienced the day before.

Within a few minutes the scene faded and I came back to present time and jumped up almost in a panic. Almost as if coming back to my current awareness was a shock.

This has to be one of the most rewarding altered states of consciousness that I have experienced in some time. I had completely forgotten how it felt to be new on this planet before being exposed to the abstracts of our society. I was  experiencing things for the first time with no filters in place. I was experiencing the joy of the world from the perspective of a child. It was such a wonderful experience.

I think that I actually accessed the past actualized database that Physicist Tom Campbell mentions in his My Big TOE and in his lectures.

I can’t promise that this application will produce results like I had, but if you have an iPhone check out Naturespace Holographic Audio. It will deeply relax you if nothing else.

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Extended Lucid Dream With Information Panels

August 13th, 2010

Last night I was extremely tired after a long day of getting nothing done. I have days where I work fervently but without any focus and end up nowhere. That was my day yesterday. I normally try to meditate for an hour or so before bed while listening to binaural beats or isochronic tones that range between 4.5 HZ and 9 HZ. Last night I decided that a 3 HZ tone and some rest would be a better idea.

I laid down and instantly fell asleep around 12:30 AM. The earbud headphones stayed snug in my ears while I slept through the night with the 3 HZ tone pulsing the entire time. Around 5 AM (I think) I remember being in a dream on a road that crossed through a residential area. I was talking to my Wife and I was still very much out of control. Then I remember that I started to meditate in the street and things drastically changed.

While meditating I floated out of my body and as I did my vision sharpened and I had full waking awareness within my dream. It’s hard to explain and perhaps it will not make sense to someone that’s  focused on physical matter reality but as I was in this state I was communicating  with my wife with non verbal communication and I remember being excited at the possibility.

I walked around for what I perceived to be 20 minutes at least. Some things to note is that my vision was superb in this state. There were tons of oak and maple trees around and the colors had a depth to them beyond that of which I have seen in waking reality. The leaves were super sharp and I could see every detail of every leaf.

The odd part about it all was that I seemed to be contained within a dome of light and then off in the distance I could see the light fading off into darkness. Several times I walked into the darkness and I could feel my dream state rushing back trying to take over my awareness. I would simply demand awareness and the darkness would retreat.

Towards the end of this experience I looked up and noticed that in the darkness there were thousands of stars. I remember thinking to myself that I wanted more information about the stars and suddenly dozens of translucent information panels appears in my field of view and as I focused on areas of the sky beams of light would extend out from the surrounding panels and  information about the objects would appear on the panels. It was happening very quickly and the panels would shift around into the perfect spots to avoid blocking my view of what I was looking at. I seemed to be able to read the information much faster than in this awareness and the rapidly changing positions and information didn’t seem to bother me.

Then what I call the grand finale happened. While looking at the night, meteors started whizzing by and rectangular white marques would zoom in and surround them as they blazed across the sky and little bursts of information about them would hit my consciousness. The information that I was seeing is not something that I can translate into human terms. I woke up shortly after the meteors and it was about 6 AM.

This is all for now. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think :) .

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Method of Movement

August 5th, 2010

This is a Lucid Dream from a few months back where I was staying at my parents in the country.. the moon was massive and the air clear.. I stayed about 5 days and had a large amount of LD’s and dreams of different types and lengths.. following is the one with the most awareness and control..

I’m in a dream which starts to get quite vivid.. I’m in a hotel or similar type environment.. It seems like I’ve just been to the toilet or something.. The dream gets more vivid and eventually lucid after someone collapses on the floor while I’m returning (to somewhere) from the toilet.. Being a health practitioner and a holder of a first aid certificate I feel compelled to help this fellow collapsed on the ground.. I go to him and while doing so I raise the alarm that someone is down..

I’m about to start the D,R,A,B,C during which he pops up and seems OK… Weird! I was thinking he collapsed due to being drunk so how did he just get up again so quickly being fairly normal? At this stage I have this information given to me (kind of like in the form of a narration in a movie – but it could have come from another dream character not sure) – the info stated – This fellow had collapsed because of ice (the drug)?? Lucidity kicks in strongly following all this weirdness..

I walk with this fellow back to a table where he’s smoking ice every now and then.. My lucidity wanes periodically while sitting here with him.. At some point I decide to move on… I find myself flying into a city environment. There are HEAPS of people.. More people than I have ever seen in a dream in one place at one time.. I’m fairly lucid and here I kind of ALLOW myself to be pulled toward the area I am needed to go.. I land and this woman starts talking to me.. not sure what about but the scence starts to break down and I am required to consciously maintain lucidity (I wish I could describe for newcomers how I prolong dreams by maintaining consciousness when it waivers but best is to suggest it is much like increasing conscious awareness in waking life via conscious effort).. My lucidity is maintained and again I simply ALLOW myself to be PULLED.. this happened earlier and I consciously allow this to happens a few times in this dream.. It just feels like a pulling sensation lifting me upward and I move with this power that lifts me and places me down in another area..

Here it gets really interesting.. I’m pulled up and placed down and an old girlfriend comes up to me.. I recognise her and think “Wow, this probably a good opportunity for some healing”.. Thinking if I was pulled here it’s probably healing more for her as I don’t really feel I have issues left there to deal with.. My feeling is she has some issues as she feels bad for breaking up with me but I don’t have any hard feelings toward her.. She says my name “Dean” and as we get closer together she tries to kiss me.. I move away from the kiss and instead hug her.. I’m put off by the kiss attempt but the hug feels fine, like I’m hugging an old friend I still care about.. She then pulls out of the hug and decides to go do something else.. No idea where she has gone.. I wait a few to about 10seconds or so then decide to leave via the ALLOWING/PULLING upward method..

I’m pulled into another scene.. (I should say that in this area where I am there are dozens and probably hundreds of scenes playing out virtually a few feet from each other but all very different and seemingly quite independent.. each in their own bubble or similar).. I’m pulled over to another woman who is quite upset, I seem to know her, I don’t know where from but I recognise her.. I try to comfort her saying “it’s OK” etc.. There are broken/smashed champagne glasses sitting on a table.. The woman suggests she doesn’t know me but still is kind of blaming me for something.. (I’m thinking maybe there was a possibility to meet her in the future but the way my life worked out with my current partner meant this wasn’t going to happen).. I move to a very nearby scene but don’t remember how..

I find myself standing at a table that has a group of young men sitting around.. When I cast my eyes in at the table there are small boxes of marijuana and I am offered some.. I say something to the effect of “No thanks guys I haven’t done this stuff in a long time and don’t really feel like doing any”.. The buds are large and white and I remember thinking they reminded me of chunks of cauliflower with a fleck of green.. Even though I didn’t want any.. something in me decides that it may be good to take some for the future and I stuff my pockets with the stuff.. (???) .. I remember that I was supposed to go back to my old girlfriend to talk and see if there was anything that needed taking care of (healing)..

At this time I just made my way back to the scene and saw her but felt a pull to come back to my physical body and the scene started to go black and I found myself in bed looking at the back of my eyelids.. I tried to stay still and go back in but the desire to move was like a bad itch I had to scratch and I decided to wake up for the day..

In this experience interesting things were:

  • I was able to move around by ALLOWING myself to be SHIFTED/PULLED when I desired to move
  • The earlier time the scene was breaking down it was breaking down into a white fuzz. In contrast the later time the scene was getting hard to hold onto it was going black/dark and I had trouble seeing before I found myself in bed.

I’m beginning to wonder if the different colours in the example above mean different things because these colours seem to relate to different things.. White when the scene is breaking down but lucidity is easier to maintain and black before finding myself in bed looking at eyelids.. The scene turning black may be an early indication that we are about to come back to the physical body and therefore may allow us to prepare for further OBE exits earlier than we would if we fully come into the physical body and feel the body’s density (which can be followed by vibes and exit).. but for me sometimes this maintaining stillness/waiting for vibes is fairly uncomfortable and I often HAVE to move..



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