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3D Blackness During Thomas Campbell Audio Meditation Technique

June 7th, 2011

I have been reading the My Big TOE trilogy lately and trying to meditate more consistently. Last night I read a very long chapter and then did a 20 minute mantra type meditation that produced so interesting results.

There is a reason they (the various meditation experts I have listened to over the past few years) say don’t lay down while meditating. I tend to fall asleep if I attempt to meditate while laying down.

I was in a seated position in bed listening to Naturespace – Back Home and focusing on the meaningless mantra “a lum bar de dum, a lum baa de dum”.

I did this for about 15 minutes and then noticed that the mantra moved into the background and seems to continue without any effort on my part. Meaning I no longer was actively running the mantra through my mind, it was just happening on it’s own. It faded out and became softer and softer and I no longer needed it to keep my thoughts out. Things got very quite and awareness faded.

A few moments later (this was my perception) I was aware again but things were different. I was floating in 3D blackness in complete calmness. I thought about my laptop being in front of me and it started coming into my view. It was odd though because it was my laptop outlined in the blackness and had no color. I was like wow for a second and then when thoughts started running in my mind again the experience ended.

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