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Say No To Prescription Drugs and Amalgam Fillings

August 10th, 2009

I will start by saying that prescriptions drugs are not always bad. Several times during my childhood they cured strep throat and I am pretty sure I might have died if the drugs had not been there.

I am posting this because several months ago I posted several times about being very ill with migraine headaches, extreme allergies, nervousness and malaise.  These symptoms were caused by amalgam fillings and were not cured by prescription drugs. I would like to possibly help others who may be having similar issues and provide an update for those of you who may be wondering if I ever found a cure.

During the last 10 years my overall health has been good with the exception of sleep issues. I exercise daily and I stick to a low fat, no preservatives, non-gmo diet that’s high in fiber with an abundance of organic fruits and vegetables.  I am fortunate in that I moved to Austin which is a city that encourages healthy living however I was unfortunate that I ran into a dentist here  that was either uninformed or simply didn’t care.

The dentist asked me “Resin or amalgam?” and I chose amalgam. It literally was a 10 second decision that ended up costing me several thousands of dollars and over a year of terrible health.  I think it was only like a 10 dollar difference between the two but money was tight at the time so I figured I would save a couple of dollars. This was around October of 2007.

A few months later I started to notice that I just didn’t feel right. I became constantly tired, had trouble sleeping where I would literally stop breathing and jump up at night, I was stressed, my nerves were shot and I had spells where my thoughts would become scrambled.

I clearly remember when the first migraine hit.  It was during the same time period of the above mentioned symptoms around the beginning of 2008 on a weekend. I woke up one morning and noticed that there was a problem.  There was pulsating zigzagged colors in my field of vision that was completely blocking out one side of my peripheral vision.  This seemed odd and kind of scared me so I mentioned it to my wife who was basically as clueless as I was. My vision returned to normal about 15 minutes later and I dismissed it as stress.

One or two months later I was out in the backyard with my daughter filling up a bird feeder and pushing her in her swing and the same visual symptoms hit me again. I noticed a flash of light in my vision and then a small pulsating zigzagged C shaped object appeared in my center field of vision. This C shape completely blocked out anything in my sight including my daughter’s face. I literally panicked at this point and told my wife what was happening. We went inside and this C shaped hallucination slowly grew until my center vision returned and then it blocked out my peripheral vision. The entire episode lasted about 45 minutes from the flash of light until the C disappeared behind my peripheral. I was horrified.  We went to the eye doctor a few minutes later where I was diagnosed with visual migraines.

I had never had migraines up until then and after that second episode they just continued to get more more frequent as time went on. I got to where I wouldn’t panic when they happened but the symptoms progressively got worse. It got to where before they hit I would lose my ability to think and I would have to leave work twice a week. I became allergic to beans, peanuts, onions, soy, chocolate, dairy, beer, hops, orange juice and bananas. I decided that I needed to see a doctor. This was the beginning of a long and frustrating journey to find a cure. I would like to point out that the trend was that none of the doctors wanted to actually take the time to identify the cause, they just wanted to mask it with drugs.

I started by seeing my regular doctor who really didn’t know what to do. He believed that I was having problems but was unwilling to find or address the root cause. I didn’t pursue his advice any further and for my own peace of mind I consulted with a neurologist so that I could rule out life threatening things such as brain tumors. etc.  She said that I had migraines and didn’t understand why and wanted to put me on some very questionable mainstream “accepted” drugs. I fired her for not being able to or wanting find the root cause and then had two sleep studies done and saw an ENT before moving on to an alternative approach.

I started researching things and thinking logically about the entire situation.  While driving to the market one day it dawned on me that either something in my environment had changed or something had changed within my physical body around the end of 2007.  It was at that moment I knew that it was the amalgam fillings.

I called both my regular doctor and the neurologist and told them about the fillings and that I thought they were the root cause of my issues. I asked them to write something up stating that the fillings were causing issues so that I could have the expense of removing them covered by my insurance. She declined and stated that amalgam fillings have never been proven to cause health issues.

Here is the conversation I had with my regular doctor (read from the bottom up):


I was hoping to bring us to a common ground, sound like we have different perceptions of comfort. Mine being related to medical experience putting substances into our bodies, all of which can have negative consequences, some of which though have been studied, charted and documented, so I know what to expect and watch for. I know pretty comfortably what and what levels of medications I am giving people and hoping the benefit outweighs the risks. When you take away any component of that balance(lack of scientific studies, uncertain control of dosing, etc), I do get uncomfortable. It sounds like we may be far enough apart on this concept that I should probably respectfully decline to be involved in this process. I should probably not be involved in drawing the labs as well, as this has attached to it the need for interpretation which we may disagree on. I don’t think either on of us needs to add conflict or uncertainty to our lives, any more than already exists. I am sorry if I mislead you with my inteions. I wish you the best of luck on your solution. Hopefully you will see response before you have to consider putting any more substances in you body.


Hi Mark,

I certainly understand if you are not comfortable with alternative therapy however this does raise a couple of questions about your logic. According to the neurologist I went to the only solution is drugs and I say not to drugs most of the time, especially the ones she put me on. I can’t help but point out that the drug that she put me on ‘topamax’ and the other drug imitrex’ have been associated with heart failure, liver failure and death.

Here are the COMMON side effects for topamax (The medically accepted method of treatment)

Unusual sensations, such as burning or tingling (paresthesias) — in up to 51 percent of people
Dizziness — up to 32 percent
Fatigue — up to 30 percent
Drowsiness — up to 29 percent
Mental and physical slowing or delays — up to 21 percent
Nervousness — up to 19 percent
Upper respiratory infection (such as the common cold) — up to 18 percent
Coordination problems — up to 16 percent
Weight loss — up to 16 percent (see Topamax Weight Loss)
Loss of appetite — up to 15 percent
Taste changes — up to 15 percent
Confusion — up to 14 percent
Difficulty with concentration or attention — up to 14 percent
Nausea — up to 14 percent.

Other symptoms include: Diarrhea, Memory loss, Anxiety, Language or speech problems, Changes in gait (walking pattern) , Sinus infection or irritation, Injury, Insomnia, Mood problems, Decreased sense of touch, Viral infections, Abdominal pain (stomach pain), Joint pain, Weakness, Sore throat, Dry mouth, Indigestion, Mood problems and Back pain.

So when you talk about comfort I am not sure how a medical doctor could comfortably prescribe this stuff to people with all of the COMMON side effects listed above.

Back to that guys site to manipulate hormones, I thought the idea here was to slowly make controlled changes to the systems in my body in an attempt to make me better and not have migraines. That’s why i want blood tests so I can monitor this safely.

Clearly the topamax approach has terrible effects on the human body so I want to avoid that like the plague.

I will be happy to pay out of pocket for the tests if you are will to perform them.

I am hoping that phase 1 – 4 will cure the migraine and I can avoid having to do any blood tests.

Best Regards



Sorry to hear you are having this degree of problems with your headaches.

Certainly this can be a challenging and frustrating problem. I read through your mail and read over the info at the web site. I am always leery of anyone who reports 100% success in their trials, and this is certainly an alternative approach to headache therapy. Drawing blood and sending off lab work is usually pretty easy, and we can send in these levels for you if you are willing to pay for them(I have no idea how expensive this will be, but we can price these tests for you). As far as >treatment goes though, I make it a policy not to practice outside my
training or comfort level. The therapeutic regimens they describe and hormonal manipulations are not things I am comfortable with, and have been associated with bad outcomes in some people(hypertension, kidney disease, etc).

I would recommend extreme caution in this type therapy, there may be alternative MD’s in town who feel comfortable with this type therapy, but I am not sure how to direct you to find them. From a medical standpoint, I would encourage you to query your neurologist on your various options, if any remain, for more studied interventions for
headaches. I hope you find solutions to your headaches.


Hi Mark,

It’s been about a year now since I experienced my first migraine. Every migraine includes visual aura and confusion which wipes me out for 3 days. I think I spoke to you about these briefly during a previous visit to your office.

I am now having these every 2 days and it’s getting to the point that I can’t function at work and have to take 2 days off a week.

I have been to a neurologist and have had a brain MRI and EEG and both came back fine. The neurologist put me on several drugs, all of which I could not tolerate and told me I am suffering from classic migraines. I am no longer seeing the neurologist or continuing the treatment which she put me on. The drug side affects are worse than the migraines.

I have come to the conclusion that the neurologist can’t help me so I have been reading and speaking to other migraine sufferers and I have come up with a treatment plan I would like to try but I will need your help. You may think my plan is crackpot but I feel like I have run out of options and no body else has helped me so please read on.

Phase 1 (Jan) – I will have my mercury fillings removed. I never had migraines before I got these fillings. The migraines started the month after I got them (One year ago). I suspect I may be having some terrible reaction to the mercury. (I have this planned for early next year)

Phase 2 (Feb) – Heavy metal detox with HMD. (I got this part covered too)

Phase 3 (Mar – Unknown ) – Chiropractic theropy. (I have this covered as well)

Phase 4 (Mar – Unknown ) – Acupuncture. (I have this covered as well)

Phase 5 (Apr) – An orchestrated and synchronized adjustment of components and functions of several systems in the body including several hormones and nutrients. This is where I need your help with blood tests and such. Please read and let me know if you will help me or if I should find another doctor.

See attached migraine journal by clicking here.

Best Regards


I talked it over with my wife and told her that I wanted to pay 4000 dollars out of our pocket to have the mercury removed from my mouth and then after pay for a heavy metal detox. She was very supportive and at the beginning of 2009 the process began.

I found a dentist who carefully removed the fillings and then a oral surgeon who removed the bottom two wisdom teeth that also had mercury fillings. After the removal was completed I started chelation using HMD (Heavy Metal Detox).  I detoxed for about 2 months and then stopped.  The entire removal and chelation process took about 4 months (Jan – Apr).

It’s now August and I am healthy again and have not had any migraines in about 4 months. I would like personally tell people to NEVER  get amalgam fillings and that illness in most cases is best cured by finding the source of the problem rather than masking it with drugs. If I had listened to the doctors I would now be on several drugs that would be causing problems on top of the migraines that would still be present because of heavy metal poisoning!

It should be known that heavy metal poisoning causes serious nerve damage and can lead to premature death. It should also be known that the drugs that they wanted to put me on are bad for you and have not been around long enough for anyone to know the long term side effects.

Here’s a nice video demonstrating the damage that low level mercury exposure such as fillings in the mouth cause.

Health Observations Before and
After Amalgam Removal * Paul Engel
Lyss-Strasse 24, 2560 Nidau

Here’s a study conducted by Paul Engel of “Health Observations Before and After Amalgam Removal *”

What’s even better is that I  had two amalgam fillings since about 7 years of age and now after the removal all of my other health issues such as sinus problems, sleep disorders and heart issues have for the most part vanished.

In conclusion I advise people to avoid amalgam fillings completely and to use extreme caution when putting any substance into their body. This includes food in which case people should read labels and know what they’re consuming.

I would like thank everyone that stood by me during my illness and actually tried to help rather than sell me drugs. A special thanks goes out to my wife, my friend Chris Hughes and the reiki healers Carrie and Tianna here in Austin and of course Reiki Matt. I may have given up if it not been for these folks.

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Integrating Healing Into My Approach

February 2nd, 2009

I have noticed that migraines have started to take over my life again, and have been preventing me from being in the state of mind needed for astral projection over the last few days. My migraines tend to cause pain, confusion, loss of sight, numbness throughout my body and breathing problems.

I have had the brain, several sleep studies, seen pulmonologists/span, heart doctors, ear nose and throat doctors, family doctors and chiropractors. None of which have been able to help me.

Last year around November 24th I began to listen to a brainsync track called “Sound Healing” and saw miraculous results. I actually eliminated sleeping problems that I have been experiencing for the last 10 years and more importantly my migraines disappeared. I am not sure why this track cured me, but I can assure you that it did.

I stopped listening to this track around the same time that I started attempting astral projection and the sleep problems and migraines slowly entered into my life again, and now I am back to 1 or 2 migraines a week. I think this is mainly because my sleep patterns are off.

Last night I woke up at 3 AM and noticed that I was having problems breathing. I literally felt like I was going to die. This was a feeling that I could not get enough air out of my lungs. I struggled to shake this for 2 hours and then fell asleep finally with great anxiety. Then 15 minutes later woke up with the full migraine including the aura which causes loss of sight. The pain shortly followed.

What I found interesting about this is that after the migraine set in, I entered the vibrational state without even thinking about it or trying. I simply tried to relax to eliminate the migraine / breathing symptoms and it just happened. I didn’t proceed because I just didn’t feel like it.

I have decided after last night that there are going to be several changes in my approach.

  1. I will be no longer attempt astral projection at the beginning of my night when I go to bed.
  2. I am going to start listening to “Sound Healing” again while initially falling asleep.
  3. I am going to have several Reiki treatments which will hopefully adjust my energy and eliminate anxiety from my life and promote healing.
  4. I am going to start practicing Reiki. This will allow me to continue self treatments after having treatments done by a master.
  5. I am going to start taking Kundalini Yoga to help with energy flow and relaxation.
  6. I am going to start studying Buddhism and meditating at one of the Buddhist centers here in Austin.
  7. I will attempt astral projection in the morning after having a restful sleep. It’s obvious after last night that OBEs seems to naturally occur early in the morning after a refreshing sleep.
  8. I will continue to use the same techniques for astral projection and continue listening to Hemi-Sync. Anyone who has studied Reiki, please send some healing energy my way.

You can see that my new approach is holistic in nature and I am very hopeful that I will find a cure.

Thanks for listening.

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