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Altered State of Consciousness After Listening to Inner Node Studio Binaural Beat (Out of Body)

May 12th, 2011

It’s been several months since having something within the context of altered states of consciousness to write about. It’s the same old excuse (which isn’t really an excuse) of working too many hours, depriving myself of proper focus. For the last two nights I have started listening using the iPhone application Inner Node Studio Binaural Beat (Out of Body). Whether or not this application helped induce an altered state is purely anecdotal.

I read a few chapters of My Big TOE last night and then around 11 PM I started listening to the iPhone track and fell asleep. At around 4 AM Julia came over to our room after having a nightmare. I brought her back to her room, stayed with her until she fell back to sleep and then went back to bed while listening to the iPhone track again.

As I listened and after what I perceived as five minutes passing I felt a shift in consciousness.  I didn’t fight it and just observed and suddenly I felt a twisting motion and my body felt as though it was twisting down into a funnel. Very quickly I felt as though my consciousness had collapsed in on itself and then into a point o awareness (best I can describe it, sorry). When I became pure consciousness I set my intent on exploring the RTZ (real time zone)

I then found myself standing in the hallway on the second floor of our old address here in Austin. I walked down the stairs and noticed that the furniture was different but it was had to see, as it was dark in the house. I then thought about being out front in the street and I was instantly there. I noticed that if I looked into darkness or shadows, my awareness would fade so I would quickly turn my attention back to lighted areas. This didn’t last long and I was pulled towards our current house.

A few moments later I woke up in my bed, got up and walked out into the hallway. After a couple of minutes I noticed that something wasn’t right. The house looked strangely different. My consciousness shifted and I found myself standing in a room that I had not seen before. I felt like I was still in our house, but the window I was looking out of is not an actual window in my house, and I saw Julia get on a school bus outside. I must have been losing touch with my waking awareness because at this point I stopped questioning the anomalies  that I was witnessing. I think that my subconscious had rushed in and it ended the experience.

The fascinating part of this experience was the solidness and realness of the experience. There was absolutely nothing about the experience in terms of things that might seem to defy the laws of physics that would cause me to question things based on this observation alone.  The fact that I showed up at the old place and walked through a wall certainly did.

I was really nice to “get out” of local awareness after several months of nothing. My goal is to a) be able to consistently reproduce these experiences and the b) use them to produce measurable results on waking objective reality. I have been able to do this at least once already but I can’t consistently get into these states. I’m in no hurry though :) .

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Talking to My Dad in an Alternate Past Reality

November 6th, 2010

I went to bed around 10 PM last night which was an amazing feat. :) We watched Monk, the kids fell asleep and our eyes got heavy so it was early to bed. I put on my earbud headphones and fell asleep listening to “”Naturespace Holographic Audio – Night at Lake Unknown”". I don’t remember any of my dreams up until about the time I woke up around 6 AM – 7 AM.

At about 6 AM I found myself in a dream. I was in the passenger side of a car that was moving through the foothills of The Smokies. The guy that was driving was unfamiliar and the road we were on must have been unfamiliar to him because he was driving too fast. It was a rough, narrow, winding two way road and I was afraid that a) he was going to run off the road or b) run into a car. I remember being part of this dream script and telling him to slow down. There were two passengers in the backseat that I knew but I can’t remember who they were now.

The place we were driving was familiar and I was trying to figure out where we were but the dream shifted at this point. We were no longer in the car, the driver was gone and we were standing in the mouth of a cave looking down a rocky slope in front of us. There were some huge boulder steps leading down to a road that was about 40 feet down and across the road was a lake surrounded by the forest. The time shifted forward and  I found myself backing down the steps. I was talking to the two people who were previously in the back seat but were now standing in the mouth of the cave. While climbing down I stuck my foot out and noticed that the pull of gravity on me changed which made me realize I was dreaming. I pushed away from the steps and floated over them. My thoughts and the scenery around me became crystal clear and for a few seconds I questioned whether I was in my primary reality (whatever that is). This awareness abruptly ended and I woke up.

From this point forward, the experiences described were absolutely real in the context of what our waking reality on Earth is like. I had fully waking consciousness with all senses and Earthly memories. I was laying in bed thinking about the dream and I could feel a vibration in my chest. I focused my intent on altering my awareness and the vibrations got stronger and actually tickled under my arms to the point that I woke up. I sat up and looked around and realized that I was not in my bed in Austin. I was in my childhood bunkbed and there was another bed across from me on the other side of the room. My younger brother had gotten up, gone to the restroom and come back to bed. It didn’t register at first, but then I thought to myself “My brother is married and grown!”. I realized that I was reliving the past or experiencing an alternate reality. I woke up again.

I was laying in bed and once again, I was still in the old childhood bunkbed. Then I heard a voice that said “Would you like to experience an unactualized past reality?” It went on to say “If you choose to do this, it will be absolutely real and you may lose the connection to your current incarnation briefly.” I said yes, the voice disappeared and I sat up in the bunkbed and it was morning. I jumped out of bed and instantly felt a lighter body. I must have been about 8 years old and I was in my childhood home.

I walked to the living room and I saw my Dad sitting in an armchair watching TV. It was interesting because I DID remember my current incarnation and I wanted to see what was different from what I remembered from growing up in waking reality. I figured the best way would be to ask my Dad questions.

The first thing I said to him was “Hey, what’s up?” Then I realized that I wouldn’t have said that back then and he was looking at me strange. Then I asked him “How’s Mr. Tate doing?” Mr. Tate was the neighbor directly to the left of us when we were growing up. My Dad replied “Who is that?” Interesting. Then I asked how Mr. Kindred and Mr. Beyer were doing. They were our other neighbors. He seemed to remember them and replied, “Kindered is good and Beyer is still the same crazy.” I guess it was a bit different than what he said about Mr. Beyer in waking life in the past which was “I’ll be glad when he is dead”. He got his wish in 2009 BTW.

I was kinda laughing and thinking that perhaps it was the presense of Mr. Tate that had created the bitterness in waking life, but at the same time realized that I would never understand the mind of my Dad. I woke up after this and had to check to make sure I was really awake this time. :) . My Wife was in bed with me and I could see my kids so yes, I was back in waking life. For those of you who have never experienced lucid dreams / alternate realities, it’s really hard to explain the reality confusion. I will just repeat myself and say that while in these altered states there is NO difference from them and waking reality other than I have my waking memories which seem to conflict with them. The things is, when the senses are telling me “This is REAL”, I end up questioning the memories.

This experience comes to me after several dormant weeks. I hope it’s a sign of things to come because I really do have fun with these things.

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A Series of Non Physical and Lucid Events

September 11th, 2010

Last night I laid down to sleep around 10:30 PM and started listening to  AmbiScience™ Shamanic Meditation Low Pitch (Isochronic tones at 4.5HZ) with Leaving Terra overlaid. This track seems to always put me a drift in outer space with the feeling that stars are speaking to me.  I listened quietly in a relaxed state for about 15 minutes and then exited AmbiScience™ and switched to the iPod and put the ELO – Out of the Blue album on a loop.

Interestingly enough some non physical activity started happening as I listened to the Electric Light Orchestra. I was laying on my right side visualizing my body spinning counter clockwise. I was repeating this over and over and it might have been on the 5th attempt when I felt a body inside my physical body rotate through the bed to face the direction that my physical body’s back was facing and then I floated up towards the ceiling and heard a loud snap. I sudden felt as though I was falling which startled me back to waking awareness. I then noticed that I was listening to a different song when time skipped and suddenly I was halfway through another song the very next instance. I fell asleep shortly after this and didn’t wake back up until about 4 PM.

Around 4  – 5 PM I found myself in a lucid dream state.  My Wife was there and we owned a house with a two car garage and there was a BMW parked inside it. While in this lucid dream state I remember thinking back in time to when we had bought the car cheap and about how it felt weird owning it at first but after a span of time it seemed normal. There was a laptop with a cell phone attached to it sitting on a table in the garage. It was my Wife’s laptop and we had been at a business earlier and a woman had let us borrow the phone to get internet access. Apparently we had forgotten to give the phone back and someone was calling it.

I answered the phone and there were two IT detectives on the other end. They seemed shocked that answered the phone and told me that most of the time this wouldn’t happen. They were accusing me of stealing the phone and I told them that we had simply forgotten to give the phone back. I remember thinking to myself “What’s up with this lady? She knew that we borrowed the phone and forgot.”

Somehow the conversation got off topic when one of the guys started talking nonsense about me using up internet resources on the phone. This is where things got weird. I told him that I was at home on a cable connection and didn’t need the phone. The guy responded that cable was not fast enough and I started naming all of the devices that are connected to our network in waking life. The strange part is that the dream became very lucid and I realized I was dreaming and that I was hovering between waking awareness and dream state. When I was naming the devices I was actually verbally saying them in this intermediate state and could hear my voice as in physical matter reality. I was having a hard time pronouncing words in this state. I could hear my speech slurring and was having to try very hard not to transition completely into physical awareness. Before long I didn’t care about actually talking to the dream entity and became more focused on just trying to replicate speech in this state. I remember saying we have two iPhones, three computers, Netflix and we use Time Warner Cable. When I said Time Warner Cable I had already transitioned to waking awareness and I actually said TIME WARNER CABLE really loud and my wife was awake and was like “What?”. :)

I don’t know if anyone reading this has ever tried to speak or heard their voice in the non physical, but it’s very unnatural sounding. It’s actually very unnatural to speak at all in these altered states. It seems that information is instantaneously transferred without sound, sometimes with visuals and sometime just instant knowing. The point is, sound seems to be an exception. This doesn’t mean that it is an exception, it just seems that it is.

There was one other thing that I dreamed about, and it’s odd because my Wife and I shared the exact same dream. We both dreamed that our Son Gabriel was walking at 3 months old and we both  recall talking to each other. I remember telling her “See I told you that he would be walking early!” and her responding with “Yeah, but three mouths old?!”.  This is what happened in both dreams.

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Drifting Under the Ocean Waves

September 3rd, 2010

A few nights ago I was listening to another Naturespace track called The Liquid Phase. I wrote about this product a few days ago in a post called My Recent Past Actualized Database Experience. These tracks are recorded in a way that creates a 3D effect which gives them depth and the illusion of actually being there.

This new track is a recording of the ocean from a beach perspective. The waves come roaring in and the retreat back out into silence. It’s amazing to me how they actually recorded this one to actually capture the power the sea. When I close my eyes I can actually feel the water pushing against my feet as it rushes in and then the sand being pulled out from under my feet as the water is pulled back out.

I was listening to this one as I was falling asleep and ended up sleeping with it on all night. I remember waking about at about 5 AM and for a brief moment I noticed that it was still playing, but I was between waking and dream and simply fell back into a light sleep.

A few minutes later I found myself in a semi lucid state standing on a beach by the ocean looking out at these huge waves that were approaching. This is something that would perhaps scare me in waking awareness, but in this altered state I walked out into the water as if to meet the wave halfway. When the wave got closer I noticed that it was huge and it then completely covered me up. I fell back and was pushed to the bottom against the sand and was then pulled across the bottom peacefully. I found myself drifting under the water for several minutes inches away from the bottom and then I would be back in a standing position with another wave about to hit. The cycle continued for quite a while until I seemed to just melt away into the water and became the ocean itself at which point I lost consciousness and was sucked back into a dream state.

I have been thinking about these tracks for a few days now and I feel like I may know how are triggering these altered states of consciousness. For me to escape this incarnation I have found a few things help.

  1. If I create a space or an expansion beyond this local awareness I will sometimes spontaneously find myself wide awake while  my body is sound asleep. My awareness will simply shift to outside my body’s  awareness.
  2. By turning off thinking I am able to remove enough of the human part of me to simply let go completely. Once again I am left with what remains when the five senses are no longer the focal point.

These tracks really help with point 1 above. If I practice visualizing enough I can use the space that the tracks creates and become the space. When this happens my awareness is no longer local. With point 2 I can use the space to let go of thought. Thinking seems to bind me to my physical human awareness. Once I let go of thoughts I can sometimes expand beyond locale time and space. Creating a space beyond myself allows me to silence thought.

I will continue to try  the other tracks and will write about any new experiences that I have. I have added a link to the Naturespace site down on the left column for anyone who is interested in trying them out. Or you can simply click the links within this post. I highly recommend!

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