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My First Kundalini Yoga Experience

March 4th, 2009

I have been itching to try yoga for the last 2 years and after much research and thinking about it I have decided that kundalini yoga is the style for me. My decision was based on the fact that kundalini deals with the chakras and life force energy and my goal is to ultimately get in better shape and raise energy levels and awareness.

I attended my first class at the Yoga Yoga studio here in Austin at the Westgate location. I didn’t go to a beginners series because apparently I like jumping in the deep end without a life preserver and because the teacher of the particular class has great credentials. His name is Gurudev Singh and he has trained with Yogi Bhajan for over 25 years.

The class started off with a quick meditation and a centering where we repeated a mantra several times. I tried very hard to remember this mantra but I just don’t remember it. I think it may have been ONG NAMO, GURU DEV NAMO. I will make sure to have the teacher write it down next time.

The next 30 minutes of the class was spent on core strengthening and breathing exercises. I must admit that this got the best of me. I did the best I could and gave it a valiant effort nevertheless. The breathing technique called ‘Breath of Fire’ was very foreign to me and difficult to say the least. It’s a very quick in and out breathing that accompanies each physical exercise and is not natural at all. I made it through the hard part and then we did some relaxing and stretching and moved on to meditation.

The meditation was much the same as the Buddhist meditation that I practiced over the weekend however we were instructed to focus on anything we wanted rather than only breathing. The goal was to always bring the focus back to whatever object we had our focus on. There were three separate meditations and each one progressed to deeper meditation and they were separated by another new type of breathing. We had to breath in 4 times and then out 4 times followed by a very deep breath in and then and exhale which lead into the meditation. The meditation seemed to have lasted about 30 minutes and then we did a closing set of mantras and the class ended.

Did anything odd happen? Yes! There was something very strange that happened during the meditation and I have no idea how this is even possible. When I closed my eyes during the meditation I was still able to see the people in the room around me meditating. The sight was not crystal clear like normal vision but instead it was similar to looking at an object that’s sitting against a bright background for a long time without moving your eyes and then closing your eyes and seeing the outline of the object. The only difference was that I saw more than an outline, I saw pale shades of the actual colors that they were wearing and this “sight without eyes” lasted for the entire meditation.. I asked the teacher about this after the class and he simply told me to observe but not to analyze or get caught up in it. I found that very hard to do in this instance. I have observed this same phenomenon right before projecting but I felt much more relaxed while projecting so this time didn’t make very much sense.

In conclusion, I think that this meditation will be effective in the future when my breath and physical shape improves but during this class I was simply not up to the challenge. I believe that this practice may help to condition my body and mind for Astral Projection. Overall it was a great learning experience and I definitely learned that I am out of shape and that I don’t know how to breath :) .

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