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Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

April 7th, 2009

I really don’t search for these things, they just show up most of the time. The same friend that subtly mentioned astral projection to me over a ten year span suggested that I watch a movie called Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

The movie is about the progress of the soul as depicted through the art work and narration of an artist by the name of Alex Grey who I had remarkably never heard of.

He starts out by reviewing the human anatomy and then moves on to energy systems and how they merge together with the physical. He explores first incarnation, birth, life, spiritual enlightenment, death, the place after we die before we are reborn and then reincarnation.

Below I have selected a painting from the later part of the movie. His painting here describes a point in our progress where we see past our constricted egos and consider not only our collective consciousness on this planet but our cosmic consciousness and interconnectedness with the vast galactic web.


This movie is a great example of how the universe can speak through the physical when a person has a passion for what they do and they open their mind to their inner self. The artwork is breathtaking, inspiring and insightful. This is another movie that I highly recommend.

You will find a link to the DVD under my recommended products or the movie can be watched on google by clicking here.

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Spirit Space

April 5th, 2009

It’s my current belief that thoughts and intention literally create the universe around us. I should also mention that my version of the universe is more than stars, galaxies, physical matter, observable phenomenon and the vastness of space. It’s my opinion that the physical / tangible universe may only be 0.00000000000001% of the actual universe, and that’s assuming it’s finite.

Needless to say I am constantly setting intentions throughout each day and one of these intentions is to experience and understand nonphysical dimensions of my existence though expanded awareness into non local areas of my existence. Sometimes these intentions are answered by giving me direct communication or contact with these areas and other times it seems that the universe simply presents me with new reading material, a new documentary or perhaps a new friend or person in my life that has information to share on the subject. Last week the universe sent me a new movie called Spirit Space through my Wife’s facebook account.

I have been telling people lately that I no longer follow any established religion and instead I follow my own path which is not of faith but of direct fluctuating experience. Spirit Space is comprised of a similar group of scientific and spiritual experts who have also decided to walk their own path.

The cast; Miguel Ruiz, Laurie Monroe, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Linda Gabriel, Dr. Linda Backman, Dr. Edgar Mitchell and F.Holmes “Skip” Atwater delve into areas such as the soul, consciousness, belief systems, astral projection, out of body experiences, past lives, quantum physics, human evolution and what happens to us after we die.

The message I took away from this film is that we all have the ability to experience things beyond that of which our physical bodies perceive and that organized religions are nothing more than part of the overall truth which is created by our thoughts. It was very refreshing to see this type of film because it indicates to me that there is an awakening that’s taking place which suggests that humans and animals are evolving as physical beings into purely spiritual beings.

I highly recommend this film for anyone who has an open mind and is searching for the truth through experience rather than just science and religion. The movie is 20 bucks and I have added a link to it under my “Recommended Products” on the left.

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